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Elements saught: Technology, Human (living, copresent audience and actor), Structure (vs. total interactivity), Verbal
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T, H, S, V
Description Link
AlienNation Before Night Falls projection, motion sensing and capture V Exploration of the body (visceral, virtual, memory, orafices, etc.) In two versions, theatre/dance, and installation dead link
AlienNation North by South
and East by West

motion sensing, projection

V Choreography based on experimentation with nodes or knots of resistance within the body and relating to sensor data that triggers programmed sound models. The piece explores limitation as well as the parallels between the dancers and displayed photosculptures. dead link
AlienNation Migrated Bodies - Migbot projection, multisite performance H. "MIRAK is a new sci-fi opera" about a Russian cosmonaut abandoned in her space ship who hallucinates as she probes a "sky object" and "recognize her reality (her death)". --DPA site
AlienNation Vespucci projection, multisite V
.Prototype for Mirak."The installation is performed in 4 different physical spaces through which the audience moves. The movement is like a dance. The audience encounters movement scenarios in film, sculpture, remote digital movies, sonic landscapes. The fictional content of the scenarios requires time shifts (from past to future, future to present)." --DPA site
AlienNation  Mirak  video V
digital opera
"The performance turns familiar opera conventions upside down, integrating movement and narration on stage with video projection, 3D animation, sculptures, and an electronic score performed live by an orchestra and three singers." --DPA
AlienNation Live Bodies Lively Machines projection

blackbox, dance, architecture

A "10-day intensive laboratory involved participants from all visual and performing arts areas, and its particular focus was directed at the integration of visual art processes, media arts and computer technologies, and music and performance compositions and choreographies." --DPA site
Andrea Polli Gape sensors V eyes blink-out words
Andrea Polli May I help you? sensors VS fetishes confessed by participants on video shown to others
Andrea Polli Rapid Fire sensors V art or theatre? eye movement
Andrea Polli Tight projection V climbers suspended with projections
Anita Ponto Baggage DAT art/theatre dark monologue and spazems before death dead link
Anita Ponto Dies Irae projection V
performance art
Woman hung by her hair -just touching the ground- voices are heard but they are not her's (in her head). dead link
Anita Ponto Say Something projection V
performance art
Mumbling- face projected onto performer. dead link
Anita Ponto Seen. Unsaid. projection HV
Woman infront of movie projections -compelled to lipsink - woman as machine - 9 min. dead link
Arthur Elsenaar Emoting On The Web video confrencing (wires to control facial mussles) V, H (audience?) Romote interactors manipulate the facial expressions of an actor (via?)
Blast Theory 10 Backwards  video projection . A woman travels back in time -returns with dejavu.
Company in Space Home Not Alone Also web input controls actors HS "Watch performers on screen, change the scene, adjust lights and soundtrack, or send a personal message to the actor. Re-create the site at will, but are not alone."--DPA site A web component links action to a "global" audience.
Company in Space  Incarnate 2  animation, video confrencing V
A duel site performance between Hong Cong and Australia with a score "by the performers' movements" and visually mixed in real time. --DPA site
Company in Space Trial By Video animation, projection, motion sensing V

An enviromental theatre/peformance/ installation piece with both live and telepresent participation.  Held in Australia in tunnels, abandoned buildings etc. but accesible remotely. Very interactive.
"Trial By Video responds to the politics of the day, racism, sexual scandals, war,. Events often triggered by those supposedlly leadering the countries, with the ramifications being felt by all." --DPA website, .  (See DPA for more).

(shallow link)

Computer Research Group, Nottingham University  Avatar Farm webcast, animation, VRML H TV avatars read by actors/ audience. not a direct link, 
The Computer Research Group, Nottingham University MASSIVE avatars, vr HS (poetry presentation within the VR environment) Virtual world allowing poetry to be experienced with avatars, ten participants at a time.
Corpos Informaticos Research Group  Entrasite  video confrencing

V, H (local audience?)

Exploration of the body and machines in this case, telepresence, with members of the group performing and interacting via videoconfrence from the US, Brasil and France.  "The numeric body (telepresence) imposes itself broken, the quotidian seems to draw the other off from virtual space. Though desire, though pleasure, though encounter, the bell-ring answer is physical, immediate, automatic, and rupture." -DPA
Corpos Informaticos Research Group  Infoporto video confrencing HSV same discription
Corpos Informaticos Research Group  Media@terra video confrencing HSV same discription
Dance Construction  Uhah * Tukuhnikivatz  projection V? The danced story of native american sense of nature (spirits) landscapes projected on moving sets. dead link
David Rokeby Very Nervous System motion sensing HS
text, live, before audience? 
A performance of the the Lovelace/ Burbage story staged inside an installation based on or resembling Burbage's Differenece Engine.   dead link
David Saltz Beckett Space video projection, motion sensing H installation An interactive installation space featuring performances of Beckett's works Ohio Impromptu, Eh, Joe, Not I, Rockaby, Play, Come and Go, Breath and Quad as well as an environment called Gadot Space.
Desperate Optimists Urban Shots cd, projetion S- Structured event, happening? Staged in Germany in an abandoned tower with "an international cast and crew of over 150 people, Urban Shots included live video feed, a 9 minute 16mm film, stunts, a live band, dancing troupes and specially trained police dogs." --DPA site .
Diller + Scofidio Indigestion projection HV A dialogue between man and woman over dinner table projected on to a wall -audience members can control the projection views of hands etc. dead link
Don Ritter  Oh toi qui vis la-bas! audio triggers video H (live singer?), V (sung vs. spoken) Live singing (perhaps speach) triggers video play.
Ellen Bromberg  Falling to Earth Arizona's intelligent stage V A piece on the body and death.
George Coates Performance Works Twisted Pairs  uncertain T "An opera about an Amish Farmgirl who finds a solar-powered laptop and joins a para-media militia."' --DPA website

(shallow link)

Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre The Crusible Project teleconfrencing H
US kids worked with playwright Arthur Miller and kids in UK to rehearse the play. (Was it performed, who was the audience?)
Half- angel, Richard Povall, The Secret Project motion sensing V
A dance theatre piece developed by groups in Canada and Ireland " about the idea of the secret, personal, cultural, political and Irish" using "motion-sensing systems which connect movement with sound, text and video". --DPA site
Hanindah Zainomum Double Happiness web, chat S Reality-based courtship, voyerism and community following two asian brides and two white grooms. A social experiment.

Heliograph Productions
Wavicle, Sarah Neville
Fake  web V more info, dead link "This performance explored notions of 'live' and 'virtual' performance through artificial constructs such as live performance and pre-recorded video and live situations provided by an internet connection that delivered actors lines on a computer live on stage. The performance was accompanied by a hip hop DJ and a TJ or Text Jockey who fed text from rehearsals mixed with a live response into the performance."  
Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona University ACTG intellegent stage V
"DNA: adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G), cytosine (C) are extracted from a random ordered list of keywords associated with some of the thematic starting points of this project -- in particular the human genome. This extraction occurs at 8 second intervals." --DPA site
Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona University Virtual Partnering intellegent stage, webcast V
A choreographed peice with three dancers on one dance stage and one on the "Intelligent Stage." The quartet was linked by video with an 8 second delay. --DPA site (link down)
Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona University Twins intellegent stage. webcast V
Touch and intimacy was the theme for this live and video dance piece. (link down)
Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona University Memory intellegent stage, motion sensing V
This dance piece featured "a trio on the Intelligent Stage space improvises using movement derived from still images of body parts. . . a single dancer also improvises with movements and floor patterns that correspond to animated projections." --DPA (link down)
Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona University Contact intellegent stage, motion sensing, broadcast V
A dance piece in which "Contact: Touch, intimacy, presence and play are all explored in a closing contact improvisation with moving camera." --DPA site (link down)
Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona University Outside intellegent stage V
Two dancers with cameras leave their physical dance spaces for the others' 10 minutes away. Their spaces receive this transmission. (link down)
Isabelle Jenniches,
Riek Westerhof ,Karen Levi,Radboud Mens
klein getijden boek projection S
theatre/dance, spoken or only visual/musical information?
A performance based on "The medieval books of hours, containing prayers attached to the time of day and used as a framework to structure daily life, ... a special diary that ...attached to the exact time in hours and minutes when they occurred. Bundled together, they make a complete new day, fictive in that it never happened in this order.
In the theatrical setting, the text functions as the clockwork; depending on its speed, the performance will last between 24 and 48 minutes." -- DPA
Jack Toolin You Don't See That You Don't See web, CD-ROM T- Not enough tech –subject but not used in show Thematically linked to the subject of artificial intelligence, this scripted piece incorporates ball room dance, magic, and the metaphor of a chinese room, "In the end, YDSTYDS makes commentary on our struggle to understand what we observe, to grasp reality." --DPA
Keith Armstrong #14 projections V Projections on drained swimming pool with performers in the hollow, and audience above.
Keith Armstrong Uncertain Circle VRML, projection S (High interactivity) "Uncertain was a solo, Virtual Reality-based performance developed in collaboration with electronic musician Andrew Brown which examined how contemporary conceptions of cyberspace might have the potential for fostering a multiplicity of selves."--DPA
Kunstwerk-Blend String webcast S Video triggered by participants, web casted?
La Fura dels Baus Euripides Bacchae workshop and performance Unknown- in progress "The starting point of the "Bacchantes" workshop, is the liaison between the God Dionisius, main role of the drama, and the phenomenon of capitalism."--
La Fura dels Baus Martirio de San Sebastian  web V

A retelling of a martyr's story. "A free adaptation of Jean-Claude Debussy's musical work: In this staging the destiny of Sebastian the martyr ... Our martyr could be mistaken about everything, except the pain which he feels in his desperation before the meaninglessness of a normal life. Which is, on the other hand, the only life we know."--From DPA
Le Corps Indice  Le Sang Des Reseaux webcast, motion sensing V Distributed performance' several sites. dead link
Liss Fain Dance Quary projection V Very exciting piece w/ dance & sculpture w/ live and internet audience and sculpture working in nature via satellite - very beautiful piece with nature and technology.
Madelyn Starbuck  honoria in ciberspazio  web V Opera with input from internet users on relationships (good costumes -one nice video clip).
Marcela, Okretic Brainscore ekg- eyescanners -projection VS Performers with EKG/eye sensors control the play of video/avatars.
Marlena Corcoran  Stay (Tuned) webcast, moo V -Two parts, one performative the other primarily interactive. A performance in two parts, one "live" including song and dance, sign language, another part interactive moo (text only). The theme is somehow related to the three magi?
Michel Lemieux, Victor Pilon 

Territoire Intérieurs

vr, animation, projection SV Mayan Dream poetry, telivison of the future, a virtual enviroment. dead link
MIT Brain Opera Peformance sensors V
musical performance
MIT sound experiment - installation with orchestration, touch floor, libretto on brain.
moti roti  Reality Bites projections H
projection with live actors or cd?

Four British/Indian women's take on Bollywood

"Led by the award winning company moti roti, young Asian women of Nottingham create a hybrid of comic-strip, picture book, short films and funky animations, weaving a web of stories about their lives....Audience intervention alters the story and determines alternative outcomes." --From DPA
Oliver Yan Kiu Wang, ,Bilderwerfer Chat in Progress chat provides material/story for actors H. This performance utalizes text chat "as well as video chat in a theatratical event. Every night new texts are projected and therefore the theatrical text is changed night by night according to the chats that are going on in any given night. This babel of speeches and conversations by ordinary people from all over the world."--DPA site
Paulo Henrique de Agora Em Dante scanning body, projection video V The body is scanned, and divided between large video monitors.
Paulo Henrique Minimally Invasive operational camera, projection, chat VS
perfomers with/without text?
Operating on the body without cutting, performers are inside eachothers bodies with cameras.
Paulo Henrique Terra Plana (Flat Earth)  digital display, sound HV
has live spoken text in miniumum, live actor? unable to see clips on website 

A performance piece on communication, creating parallel worlds between live, projected, and teleprent performers and their words. "Live collaboration of movement, image, voice and sound... the performer says to the audience: "I am not in good shape and cannot continue this piece, I will be finished by now - my collaborators will continue the piece. - and he introduces several artists from Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, New York"--From DPA
Paulo Henrique Contract With The Skin  projections of digitized body slice Unknown, not enough info on site only photos and ideas not descriptions. Live performance with digitized sliced body projected dead link
Paulo Henrique  Terra Plana (Flat Earth)  . V
text included 
"Technology was used to extend some creative ideas related with communication/ space/ geography/ culture/ presence/ distribution/ access. It was also used as an altar so as to replace religion."---DPA site (See DPA for more complete description.) (shallow link)
Philip Mallory, Ralph Lemon  Jones,Katherine Milton  Mirrors and Smoke video, animation, projection, VR environment HVS A v irtual performance space, highly interactive. dead link
Plain Text Players Birth of the Christ Child internet chat, projection H
projected chat infront of audience
Audience watches actors chat lines on projected screen.  
Plain Text Players The Cadide Campaign Moo H "Candide aimed for the Highest Office in the Land. For winners and losers alike, it was a fast-moving, unpredictable, and sometimes chaotic free-for-all in the best tradition of American politics."--DPA
PPS Dance Poles projection V
Technology and performers "challenge the audience's perception of the real and virtual dancer leading us into a world of sheer fascination" drawing on universal human concepts such as hope and tolerance.---DPA Site dead link
Riek Westerhof O+E  video survalence, web SV
more info needed
Performance/art based on Orpheus story set in the subway, unclear if actors are used as participants or random people wandering into camera range.
Riverbed Bi-Ped, motion capture and animaton V
"... Candide aimed for the Highest Office in the Land. For winners and losers alike, it was a fast-moving, unpredictable, and sometimes chaotic free-for-all in the best tradition of American politics."--DPA site dead link
Scott C. Durkin  Shared Identity  webcast, video HV The performer  (Scott in NY) performs actions in tandom with his twin on th e west coast and emails people with his name, raising issues of time, and shared idenity. (see DPA for more) dead link
Sean Young Transit Lounge animation, motion capture, projection SH Actor’s voice enlivens 9 animated characters- and the outcome is effected by audience
STARBOARD, Globe Theatre- a robotic pagent Ship’s Detective + others CU-see me, robots H
live and robotic elements
Robot actors move about and scripts are read by some live actors.
Supreme Particles  Binary Ballistic Ballet  DAT, performer viewed projection V
dance with text
"The choreography is generally pre-determined up to 70% of the time. The remaining 30% will be influenced/inspired by the computer-system, which means that the dancers receive the information from one of the computer monitors and immediately transform it into dance-patterns." --DPA
Terence Tieman, Optik In The Presence of People projection S
Four performers doing own narratives at once, with no focal point. "There is no pre-planned unified arrangement to be broken (by the spectators) or kept in place (by the performers)."--DPA
The Anatomical Theatre  Subject:Matter animation, motion capture, projection V
science dance
Dancers in full face/body cover, dance as atoms/quarks.
The Anatomical Theatre, Carl Weidmann 2081 projection V
dance with words
Dance, based on story by Kurt Vonagut where everyone in society is forcibly made equal via handicaps.
The Olimpias Traces projection V
Incorperating video reinactment of a dance/mental workshop..."Traces emerged out of two sets of border-skirmishes: the relationship between community arts and contemporary art practice, and the representational battlefields of mental health." --DPA Site
Theater As Digital Activity (TADA), Children's Musical Theater San Jose  Our Tree web script  HT
web-chat script, no tech in performance
A musical whose script/play was created shaped by the input of internet children (about 6 families). dead link
Theater As Digital Activity (TADA), Children's Musical Theater San Jose  Persephone web script T
web-chat script, no tech in performance
Persephone in Concert: May13-14, 2003 (San Jose)
"Young people from around the world are working with our theater professionals on CMT's next World Premiere: Persephone, based on the Greek myth of the seasons. Created online through Theater as Digital Activity, this musical promises to be a timeless tale of growing up that strikes a chord with parents and children everywhere." ---website
Theater As Digital Activity (TADA), Children's Musical Theater San Jose [biography]
web script T
web-chat script, no tech in performance, musical
Kids production of colonization of Mars, internet input created script.
Tim Etchells
Forced Entertainment
Void Spaces Exhibition Catalogue installation HSV (See DPA description)Varied event many collaborators dealing with humanistic issues from phobias to sex, uncertain performance format. dead link
Toni Dove Spectropia animation, motion sensing, video H "Spectropia, an interactive movie shot on digital video, is a time travel drama set in the future and in NYC 1931 after the stock market crash. It uses the metaphor of supernatural possession to explore new constuctions of subjectivity and the disorders brought on by consumer culture and emerging technologies. Unlike traditional movies, Spectropia is 'performed' interactively (by trained performers and ordinary viewers) using a unique mix of motion sensors, speech recognition and synthesis, and vocal triggers." --DPA site --miss link
Troika Ranch  Vera's Body proection V The performance takes place after Vera's death in flashes from her life where she experienced life viscerally-bodily. "Reflections on the life of a 99 year old woman who made the jump from mind to body" --website.
Troika Ranch  The Electronic Disterbance projection, videoconfrence, remote voice control V Exploring the digital body (electronic contact)…based on a book with the same name.  Linked performance with performers in NY, LA and New Mexico.  A singer's voice remotely triggered lighting.  "The piece explores the liberating aspects of this "electronic" body, like freedom from time or gravity, as well as the more sinister implications of a body that might be easily manipulated by external forces"---website
Vakuum TV  Dedicated video V A variety of themes/elements related to modern questions of capitalism, freedom, the gods, etc. represended in a mix of live performance, digital photography and film. .
Vakuum TV Vakuum TV at the VIDEOLOGY video, projection SV
some performances included 
"The Human Keyboard" a bunch of people running around with keys on their heads….video taped - with projections. (It looks like a party- with no focal point.)
Vacuum TV The Mechanical Television animation, projection, video Unknown (German)
Victor Pilon, Michel Lemieux Le souffle de Pythagore projection, animation, VR V
The actors and animated characters share the stage through virtual projection leading "the audience . . through the entire range of emotional experiences associated with moving from complexity to oneness, from chaos to the birth of noise and harmony." --DPA site
dead link
web _fake  web H "This performance explored notions of 'live' and 'virtual' performance through artificial constructs such as live performance and pre-recorded video and live situations provided by an internet connection that delivered actors lines on a computer live on stage. The performance was accompanied by a hip hop DJ and a TJ or Text Jockey who fed text from rehearsals mixed with a live response into the performance."---DPA site dead link
Webbed Feats Bytes of Bryant Park Web input for performance –public park Unknown, need more info., some performances included theatre Webcast performances in a community park.
Ximena Cuevas  Corazon Sangrante (Bleeding Heart) amimation V
folk song (and story?)
A Chilean folk song sung and animated melodramatically. dead link
Langcaster University's Between Nature Conference Landscaping Women -Earth Stories video  HV
spoken info, audience presence
A piece on nature and women, unclear if there is an audience.

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