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ID Group Performances Technology Description Links
D23, D86 AlienNation Figments,
Orpheus and Eurydike
projection. Dance opera-theatre-feminist
DN268 The Anatomical Theatre  Mantis projection Text, dance, sound, projection depicting an "obsessive entomologist" with sexual issues.
D125 Anderson, Lori
Songs and Stories from Moby Dick projection Anderson performs with others on a piece based on the Melville story among voice synthesizers, video screen and computer-controlled lighting.
D223 Atchley, Dana Next Exit . Storyteller with VR campfire.
D66 Broadhurst, Sue Interaction, Reaction and Performance: The human body tracking project projected animated avatar character Live actors-computer actors, scripted, computer generated (AI?) face "Jeremiah" sees and reacts to live actress
DN345 The Builders Association  Aladeen video confrence and projection. Multisite theatre piece between US, British and Indian sites triangulating intercultural meaning(s) of national idenity pulled from the adaptation of global call centers stationed in India and the strain of the Aladin story.

DN344 The Builders Association  Jet Lag projection Two true life tales of modern folk heros who broke though barriers of place and time, one a woman who died after a life on airline flights, another about a lost sailboat racer who faked his navigation reports while going in cirlces.
M11 Cellbytes (various) multi-site A cooperative effort between Shinkansen London Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State University, and ResCen at Middlesex University to create a series of 15 to 20-minute performances for live and web presenstation.
DN331 The Chameleons Group  Chameleons 2: In Dreamtime (Live Performance)  projection, video/after effects fantansitcal characters (murmaids etc) and dreamers inhabit world on screen and on stage dead link
DN333 The Chameleons Group The Dark Perversity of Chameleons video projection Live performance and 4 video texts? (See DPA for more) missing link.
D4 The Chameleons Group Net Congestion digital projection, webcast, real audio, IRC Internet multi-site theatre.
D45 Company In Space Home Not Alone web interaction and projection. Dance/theatre (DPA description)
Desperate Optimists 
Bull video, projection "A quartet for four performers
A roofless cathedral room
A 20'x20' screen
And a mechanical bull" DPA 12 hour performance
D9 Davis, Douglas Terrible Beauty


A combined work (script) created between performers and audiences in Dublin and Ohio, between a man and woman, between the present and virtual.
M6 "Digital Theatre - an Experimentarium at the Kaserne Scenen"  various motion capture A conference and workshops on digital theatre.
DN339 doo cot  Frankenstein The Final Blasphemy animation, projection, video Frankestein told with 2 actors, minimal set, puppets (the monster), digital animation and projection
DN340 doo cot  Ultra Violet animation a story of unfolding love between two women told with puppets, animation, music
DN297 Electronic Dance Theatre  The Navigator motion sensing, midi sound triggers, projection text and dance snippets or fragments de,and re-constructed into half sense and layered meanings "The Navigator is a story of de-volution and anti-progress, of a human reincarted across the centuries in his search for God and the nature of reality." website
M5 Flying Karamozov Brothers/MIT
L'Universe interactive space, motion sensing, projection A humorous interpretation of the physics of the universe, presented by the greatest scientific jugglers of modern science in concert with digital toys created by the MIT Media Lab.
George Coates Performance Works  Many (see link)  various

"Internationally recognized as an innovator in the development of new and original forms of thearter, George Coates Performance Works has won numerous awards for its stagework appearing in Japan, Europe, South America and the United States." -George Coates
DN312  The Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre Making Americans mobile projections Based on the literary work of Gertruid Stein and her biographer's discoveries of her life and work, experimenting with layering aspects of character as time, place, and events
DN310 The Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre The UBU Project video conferencing, projection The UBU PROJECT is the Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre’s original, full-length adaptation of Alfred Jarry’s 1898 work, King Ubu. The project features live actors present in the performance space, projected characters via video-conferencing, and "Digital Puppets" derived from the Japanese performance traditions of bunraku and ningyo buri." ---DPA site, Collaboration between groups in NY, Japan, Russia...rehearsals but no performance is listed.
D207 Heliograph Productions Heliograph Travelogues 5 projection, motion sensing Collaborative, improvisational, video, text projection. dead link
DN291 Hohki, Kazuko Toothless animation, projection Author remembers the death of her good humored mother a Japanese priestess to gum cancer (storytelling).
DN292 Hohki, Kazuko   Shining Princess animation, projection Japanese Folktale of moon-princess who falls to earth (storytelling)
DN293 Hohki, Kazuko My Husband is A Space Man animation, projection Contemporary love story between a Japanese office girl and her western/alien husband -based on the folk tale of a girl married to a crane (storytelling).
DN294 Hohki, Kazuko Evidence of The Existence of the Borrowers animation, projection Story in development for 10/03, a Japanese chemist retires to the country to search under her floorboards for barrowers. "This show features The Borrowers Musical Box made by Andy Cox (Fine Young Cannibals)." --website
DN284 The Institute for the Exploration of Virtual Realities (i.e.VR) Play video projection Beckett play inacted with heads on urns (via bluescreen, projection).
D102 Jenniches, Isabelle Hollowman projections Corpse of "man" convicted fellon, the song/story of his life/death by actor in front of his digital reconstructions.
DN239  Kunstwerk-Blend  Stories in D unclear "A live performance piece, bringing together movement and voice. Performances in London (November 1997), Mosaics, London (August 1998) and The New York International Fringe Festival in August 1999 (New York, USA)." --website
D200 La Fura dels Baus F@ust version 3.0 projections Faust with projections. " also see"
DN321 La Fura dels Baus Web XXX projection Crazy site, sex theme, yet clearly theatre with projections.
DN248 Thomas Lavazzi Contents:One 'Other' Instructions Included video  Written text video cameras and performance centered around 18th century through current technology perceptions/ developments (severed head- recites Aphra Behn etc.). (see DPA notes for more.) dead link
D188 Lemieux, Michel & Victor Pilon Grand Hotel de Estrangers projection, VR environment Actors, spectator, poetry and projection, strangers in VR hotel dead link


Michel Lemieux, Victor Pilon  Le Souffle de Pythagore  VR, animation, projection Live and animated "actors" on stage together.
dead link
M12 Motherboard M@ggy's Love Bites multi-site Maggie is a striking example of a web persona. "This project focuses on connection and disconnection, appearance, disappeareance and reappearance. Fluctuations in transmission and reception rates between the geographically separated participants are embedded in the expression of the performance." --website
D142 Optic In The Presence of People . Science/nature
D17 Peppermint, Cary, and Simon Yuill Mashed Potato Supper video confrencing Video confrencing 'across the pond' 5 actor/performers on each side.
D187 Pernandez, Claudio It/I, SingSong projection + programming One actor and projections.
D185 Plain Tex Players Roman Forum, The White Whale, The Candide Campaign, Little Hamlet web performance, webcast + Theatre live and via internet, Roman heads discussing political news stories in context of today
D127 PPA Dance Strata, Memoirs of a Lover (also,
Grand Hôtel des Étrangers, Territoire Intérieurs)
projection, motion sensing Dance with theatre/voice, based on poetry-dreams, birth, nature. dead link
DN335 Slayton, Joel  Conduits web, video confrencing "Conduits is designed as a teleconferencing theatrical event exploring the relationship of public art and perceptions of cultural identity. Conduits presents an inspiring, humorous and insightful look at the roles of citizens, leaders and youth as they formulate controversy through message construction." --DPA
dead link
DN334 Joel Slayton
DoWhatDo Performance Company 
DoWhatDo animation, projection Visitors to the installation in a San Jose parking structure, drove through the performance which included hundreds of performers and animated projections depicting a cyber-view of the multicultural diversity of the region.
D81 Streb Company  ActionHeroes  projection Theatre using projections etc., play about stunt men. dead link
P29 Studio Z The Ticket projection A live contemporary digital comic strip involving common Chicago characters and places using both Commedia Del Arte and Second City performance styles.
D6, D44 Talking Birds, Nik Wardzynski Persistence of Vision staged w/ projections Staged in the round simulating a zoetrope with the audience observing the backward spin of a nuclear scientist in denial and a hurt stunt man.
DN266 Talking Birds  Smoke, Mirrors and The Art of Escapology  video projection Houdini's escape act reinacted by widow and in a future prison escape. (shallow link on subject, complex path)
DN265 Talking Birds  Undercurrent projection, video Installation and performance at a seaside spa, describing experiencing the ocean (memory,individual sensation). The team researched the history of the resort, wrote out a storyboard of action, shot characters in period costume, and performed dance/musice numbers in costume infront of projections at the historic site, some language is indicated by the existance of a prologue.
DN362 Troika Ranch  The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz projection, video, midi, more The parallel story of two men concerned with transformations, one a 15th century alchamist monk, and a man of the futrue awaiting the transfer process of his brain into a silcon chip.
DN364 Troika Ranch  Future of Memory projection, video, midi dancer, (Isadora) Exploration of how memories are made, romanticised.  Immediate video loop creates memories which dancers control with movements.  Exciting use of non-standard projection shapes.
DN367  Troika Ranch Surfaces projection work in progress
M30, D84, D133, University of Geogia, David Saltz Hair, Kaspar, Tempest 2000 interactive space, midi and sensors, motion capture, projection

Tempest 2000 was staged with 3D projected sets and real time motion capture sprite.

"In the past century, film, radio and video technologies have revolutionized the ancient art of drama, giving rise to new forms of dramatic expression as well as to a global entertainment industry." --website
M26, D156, D155, D159, D157, D158 University of Kansas, Mark Reaney A Midsummer Night's Dream, Machinal, Tesla Electric, The Adding Machine, Wings (see link)

various, VR, projection, animation

"The business of workers in the theatre is, as I see it, to express a timeless theme by means of the tools of one's own time."  Robert Edmund Jones --website
D60, D160 Univited Guests Guest House, Offline animation, projection Not the CD portion, but live performance using human actors.
DN264 Vakuum TV  the mechanical television video, animation, projection Soap opera, action mediated (remixed) actors holding monitors with themselves projected.
D196 Vakuum TV The Parallel of Being Human projection Theatre w/video, frame around proscenium creates vacuum tv with live actors and other media.
P32, M33 Void Pressing The Flesh projection. Solo perfomer with two synchronized videos.  All technical operation is done on stage by the performer.

"Balance between performer and technology. The perfomer does not have a priviledged position as the giver of meaning and significance in VOID's work. In our view, the audience should be free to create meaning from all the information available…"
D50 Von der Fehr, Marius Hotwired Live Art chat room material  Dance with words, they act/react to internet chat, answer it. Daniel, a participant is Interview on Disabled Dancers re-abled through technology.   dead link
D28 Wilson, Robert Monsters of Grace  animation, projection A multimedia opera / staged collaboration between Wilson and Philip Glass and authors of steroscopic projections based on the writings of Rumi.
D1 Yellow Earth Theatre Play to Win projection Story of a boy who is a marshal arts fighter set in front of projections

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