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Name Positition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
Professor James Thorp Assoc Prof Art Dept graphics : Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Flash 301-405- 7788 jthorpe@umd.edu interested in interns for theatre
Roberta Levine MITH Fellow 3D interest  

Equipment Video/Projection

Name Positition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
Rits AV off campus video equip. rental 301-419-3101    
Cameron Jackson More info. on projection 58171    
Chris Headwood AV Manager University Video 8588    
(Dan Conway) CAD Lab Set Designer ARHU-Theatre

digital video camera,

software tools

301-405-6680 dconway1@umd.edu  
EMC   sound capture dat-recorders      
Mark Wright Event Services Manager Clarice Smith
(Mac's Suggestion?)-Mac        

CSPAC/Theatre Facilities

Name Positition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
Kyle QWeder electric services manager Clarise Smith lighting all theatres x50415 KK94@umail.umd.edu nice tour of space
Bob Paulson construction manager cspac wiring of center 53403  
David Kreibs Instructor  Theatre Lab Theatre, 4 cameras, 2 projector inputs, 2computer/internet hookups, 2 + projectors, 15X20 freestanding screen dk26@umail.umd.edu  
Terra Lynn Hollern Event Coordinator Clarise Smith   301-405-7824 thollern@wam.umd.edu  
Marguerita Phelps Program Management Specialist Clarise Smith   301-405-6676 mp130@umail.umd.edu  
Sandra S. Jackson Director of Business Operations Clarise Smith   301-405-6690 ssjackso@deans.umd.edu  
Ryan Megredy audio coordinator Clarise Smith audio and video equip X58228 RYANM@wam.umd.edu very nice, gave suggestions for blue screen

Lighting students

Name Positition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
Alex Cooper grad. Student Theatre Lighting bluescreen ac223@umail.umd.edu  
AJ grad. Student Theatre light bluesreen  
Muriel grad. Student Theatre lab theatre lights  
Harold Burgess grad. Student Theatre run/setup projector harold@wam.umd.edu  

Motion Capture

Name Positition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
John (Jenka) ref. Ben Bedderson Professor Kinesiology (motion capture) body movement studies jj96@umail.umd.edu



Jose Vidal Professor Kinesiology (motion capture) body movement studies      
Karen Bradley Professor Dance Leban/ Theory   kbradley@umd.edu  


Name Positition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
Casey Kaleba grad. Student Theatre stage combat  
Nejla Yatkin instructor Dance dance with video projection
nyatkin@umd.edu (NY2 at Kennedy Center)
Carrie Cole grad. student Theatre stage combat 301-405-6693 ccole@umd.edu  
Zoltan Nagy grad. student Dance video 301-405- 6698 znagy@umd.edu  
Alvin Mayes grad student Dance Dance   am22@umail.umd.edu  
Anthony Coziar alumni Dance dance/tech   coziar@earthlink.net  
Wendy Clupper grad student Theatre     wendyclupper@yahoo.com  
Mina Cheon grad student Theatre     minaliza1000@aol.com  
Karen Bradley Stage Movement Instructor Dance

motion capture interest

301-405- 0387 kbradley@umd.edu  

Sciences-CAVE, ect.

Name Positition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
James Yorke Director Inst. Phys. Sci. & Tech. fractile design-computers, digital cameras 301-405-4875 yorke@ipst.umd http://www.ipst.umd.edu/
Arur Baz PROF & DIR
Ctr for Small Smart Systems
Engineering CAVE (Rave in 2004 holds 75) 301-405- 5216 baz@umd.edu
student contat Elyse Beaulieu-Lucy Grad. Coordinator
Prof. Ben Schniderman (sp) Director Inst. Of Human Computer Interaction interface tools/toys 301-405-2680 ben@cs.umd.edu http://www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/
Laveen N. Kanal Editor Former IHCI machine intelligence and pattern recognition 301-927-3223 kanal@lnk.com  
Ben Bedderson  Asst. Prof., Director Human-Computer Interaction Lab, Computer Science Department interface computer tools (301) 405-2764  bederson@cs.umd.edu  


Name Positition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
Jamie Spriggs Academic Tech. Coord. for the College of Journalism OIT webct, applications 301-405-8281 jspriggs@glue.umd.edu  
Charles Eidsvik Graphics lab GA, editing eidsvik@arches.uga.edu  
MITH programs Director, Dreamweaver, Flash, Final Cut Pro (MAC), Premierer, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker Plus, Caere OmniPage Pro, Sound Forge  
Cad Lab Programs CAD Lab Poser, Maya, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Avid Video editing station, Vectorworks, Strata 3D Pro,  Director, Painter, Lightbeam, & Beamwright , PowerPoint ,  (Sound)Pro-Tools & Tooledit  
Eric White MITH staff -graphics MITH whitee@wam.umd.edu  
Ann Hanlon MITH staff- MITH xml (hist) 301-405- 8927 ahanlon@umd.edu  
Catherine Hays Zabriskie (EMC) Associate Director, Academic Technology Electronic Media Center Lab  

Electronic Media Center Lab

    software:Video: Adobe After Affects, Premiere, Cleaner, DVD, I Movie, Real Producer Plus (Final Cut?)
Graphics: Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Quark Express (Painter?)
Multimedia: Absynth, Director, Apple DV, Fusion Recorder, Max, Peak
Web: Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Gif Builder
3D: E Modler, Electronic Image, Lifeforms, Studio Pro
Audio: Signwave
OIT training Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML, Flash, 3D Max, Video, Audio  
Kathleen Hall contact Peer training khall@wam.umd.edu  
Dan Conway Professor, Set Designer Theatre-Scenic

CAD Lab (Maya) digital video camera,

software tools

301-405-6680 dconway1@umd.edu  
Lenita Reeves software, tech asst., video, performance Academic Technology Coordinator OIT -Clarise Smith 301-405-0923 lenita@umd.edu digital video, more
Roberta Lavine animation MITH   rlavine@umd.edu  
Kathleen Geldard grad student, buisness owner theatre multimedia kgeldard@wam.umd.edu  


Name Positition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
Robert L. Gibson - rlg Professor ARHU-School of Music digital sound editing? Midi lab 301-405- 5611 rlg@umd.edu  
Arlene Duncan grad. student Music multimedia-sound  project (Lenita) arlduc@wam.umd.edu  
James Thorp Art prof. Art animation? Graphics x7788 jthorpe@umd.edu  
Brandon Morse Professor Art Dept class (ARTT489K Advanced Special Topics in Art: Digital Interactive Installation) bmorse1@umd.edu  
John Shalvi jshalvi@wam.umd.edu student Theater     jshalvi@wam.umd.edu  

Tech. Asst. & Support

Name Positition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
Judy Markowitz Theatre/Dance Librarian UMD Performing Arts Library aquiring new cd/dvd materials 301-314-1316 jm10@umail.umd.edu  
Alex Castellanos OIT Networking OIT -Clarise Smith networks 5744 erbo@glue.umd.edu  
Amit Kumar Coordinator
OIT-TSS-Enterprise Internet Services
MITH web, database kumar@glue.umd.edu  
Rita computer signout      

Theory and Leadership

Name Possitition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
Martha Nell Smith Professor & Director, MITH ARHU-English see list 301-405- 8878 mnsmith@umd.edu  
Dr. Frank Hildy Director of PhD. Program Theatre 301-405-3157 hildy@dean.edu  
Prof. Newhagen assoc. prof. journ new com. Tech. Theory (301) 405-2417 jnewhagen@jmail.umd.edu  
Carol Burbank MITH Fellow Performance Studies Director, theory 301-405-6682 cburbank@umd.edu  
Michelle Lifton Professor Comp. Lit. (Scheinderman) Digital Arts  
Mina/ Rob  
cyberculture working group          
John Fuegi Proffessor ARHU-Comparative Literature Program film, theory 301-405-7853 jfuegi@umd.edu


Name Possitition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
OIT Ellen  
David McNabb  
Art on the grid  
Brad Paleg Distance Learning Specialist AGNR-CIT-Distance Learning video confrencing 301-405- 2917 bpaleg@umd.edu  


Name Possitition Dept Technology Phone Email Other
John Fuegi thoery and video Proffessor ARHU-Comparative Literature Program 301-405-7853 jfuegi@umd.edu JF36@UMAIL.UMD.EDU film, theory
Elizabeth Hagovsky ehagobsky@union.umd.edu grad. student (AMST)     ehagobsky@union.umd.edu  
Murray "Mac" Nelson video University Video x4617 blue screen and more cameras
Melissa Henry video MITH Fellow Comp. Lit. 301-405-2853 mahenry@umd.edu digital video editing, final cut pro
Jose motion capture
April Householder video MITH grad student


stoni@wam.emd.edu video (documentary Greece)
Eve video student Theatre
Sonlee video student Theatre
Carmen Cousto video faculty Theatre   coustaut@umd.edu final cut pro
Carolyn Bain video student Theatre   cbain1@umd.edu  
Nikki Stewart video     msnikki@wam.umd.edu  
Autumn Wilson video student Theatre autumn658@hotmail.com