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Experiment #4 Access Grid - Art on The Grid Participation

Through contacts with OIT's David McNabb, I have come in contact with the technology of the Access Grid and have joined a group of like minded collaborators/telematic art explores via University of Maryland's node. The Art-On-The-Grid group looks to be an exciting venue for collaboration and interdisciplinary multi site exploration. I participated in two art events Network Touch and Cumulative Hope.

Since these projects were begun by other practitioners I will include the link to their description. But briefly, one involved hands and telematic touch and the other handles and speaking the word hope. Images from 6 research institutions were combined three at a time into a collaged image occurring in real time. It was an amazing first hand demonstration of the allure and tantalizing taste of the sense of connection which can be achieved in a shared virtual space. I will be working with this group throughout the semester and am looking forward to bringing a performative telematic work to CSPAC via David McNabb's mobile node.

The room
Cumulative Hope
Network Touch
Hands touching via the grid