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Experiment #5 - Outside In (April 16th 4:30 EST) Jack Frost Room

I am currently working on a distance collaboration piece called "Outside/In." It began with a test of our ability to broadcast from outside places in nature into the virtual meeting place of an Access Grid meeting room. In December we tested this on the PIG (Personal Interface to the Grid) with recitation of site-specific poetry and song from participants from Alaska, Utah, Ottawa, and Boston.

This spring we (Maryland, Utah and Ottawa) are working on a second phase of the project, which is to bring this outdoor broadcasting into a theatrical environment. The performance is built around the metaphor of a woman contained in a physical location who is able to reach beyond her walls through her mind/soul. Using the mythologize vision of Emily Dickinson and her poetry, we are utilizing an aesthetic metaphor to parallel the innate technological features of the GRID.

Both phases explore issues of place, extended community and technology as a facilitator of nature while exploring the technology of the Grid and distance collaboration

The performance will be April 16th at 4:30 EST (GRID room to be announced).

For a call for participants, readings from the first part of the project, the script- "Within These Walls", related writing or other information email me at nadjam@comcast.net.

*** Maryland is also participating with a Max/Jitter video and Brian Buck's dance in Utah's Grid performance of "Hallucinations" to be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For more information on this performance contact Jimmy at jhm@chpc.utah.edu